September 25, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja 2 + Season 1: Main Story - Yayoi

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Season 1: Main Story

Chapter 1

1.07 On the other hand, you …
I've grown up since! [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Maybe I am still a kid …

1.11 I'm glad he's not my brother. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
I wish he were my brother.
You guys are all like my brothers, too.

Chapter 2

2.07 Behind Yayoi …[Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Next to Kaito …
Right in front of me …

2.10 Love Choice:
Umbrella (Print) [Room] -  1,000 Zeni + 4 CG's

2.11 I don't remember.
I was really happy. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
That's embarrassing.

Chapter 3

3.03 I thought about choosing Ayu.
Yayoi's is the most suitable for the role. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
It was really hard to decide who to choose.

3.05 Ask Ayu. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Ask Rindoh.
Ask Shiroya.

3.10 Love Choice
Premium: Flower Hair Pin (Gorgeous) [Room] – 150 Coins
Normal: Flower Hair Pin (Plain) [Room] – 100 Coins or 2,000 Zeni

Chapter 4

4.08 Someone was calling out to me.
You were here with me. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
I forgot.

4.11 Love Choice
Premium: Modern Table Set [Garden] - 250 Coins
Normal: House Plant [Garden] - 100 Coins or 2,000 Zeni

4.12 Did you hear something during the purification? [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Did I say something during my sleep?
I was so scared when I fainted.

Chapter 5

5.05 Why didn't you tell me?
Did you not want me to know?
That isn't true. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

5.09 Ayakashi Battle
500 Ninja Skill Points required

5.09 I'm here for you. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
You'll be okay.
This must be hard for you.

Chapter 6

6.09 Look at Yayoi.
Don't say anything definite.
Speak truthfully. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

6.12 The moon is pretty. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
What a coincidence.
Could you not sleep?

6.14 Love Choice
Premium: Beautiful Night Scenery [Garden] – 350 Coins

Normal: Lit-up Fireflies (Effect) [Garden] – 150 Coins or 3,000 Zeni

Chapter 7

7.06 I want to quit.
Kill an Ayakashi. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Stop fighting.

7.07 Yes. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Well …
Don't say anything.

7.08 Ayakashi Battle
2,000 Ninja Skill Points required

Chapter 8
8.03 Hold his hand.
Sit beside him.
Look at his face. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

8.09 Ayakashi Battle
4,000 Ninja Skill Points required

8.10 What a wonderful brother to have.
Was I a good sister? [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
This brings me back.
8.11  Get a CG

Chapter 9

9.02 I think it's a good idea.
I can't say either way. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
I don't want to do this anymore.

9.07 Don't stop them. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Stop them.
Assist Yayoi.

9.11 Love Choice:
Premium: Heart in Eyes [Room] – 600 Coins

Normal: Looking into Your Eyes [Garden] – 300 Coins or 6,000 Zeni

Chapter 10

10.02 Works perfectly …?
But I looked up to you.
Explain yourself. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

10.05 You guys came for me? [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
This has nothing to do with you.
Why did you come here?

10.10 Love Choice
Premium: Pink Dress Set [Room] - 900 Coins
Normal: Pink Kimono Set [Room] - 500 Coins or 10,000 Zeni

Chapter 11

11.01 It was with everyone's help.
Of course. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
It wasn't easy.

11.09 I don't intend to die. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
I guess I do have to die …
I had no idea …

11.10 Ayakashi Battle
6,500 Ninja Skill Points required

Chapter 12

12.02 About that wind skill …
You surprised me.
Was that the same skill as Ayu's? [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

12.06  Get a CG

12.09 We have no choice but do what we have to do. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
We can't hesitate.
Just like we thought …

12.12 Ayakashi Battle
10,000 Ninja Skill Points required

To get the Epilogue you have to do the Fortune Slip # 5!

September 21, 2016

Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Moriarty Season 1 CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Nanaby for the CG's!)

Blissful Ending #1
Blissful Ending #2

Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Sherlock Season 1 CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Debra for the CG's!)

Blissful Ending #1
Blissful Ending #2

Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Quiz Time!


Fill in the blank with the correct letter.

The answers to choose are:

Right answer is: M = The clues are that there are 7 letters. These letters represent the days of the week. It starts with Monday, then Tuesday... _TWTFSS are the first letters of the days of the week. And since the first letter in Monday goes in the blank, that means that "M" is the correct answer.

Sherlock's Route
(*Note: Special Thanks to Yashi for that quiz!)

Mycroft Holmes:
"All of us sat together and ate some of Lucci &Mason's absolutely exquisite biscotti.
Read what each person says below, and use the information they give you to guess how many pieces of biscotti I ate."

Mycroft Holmes:
"I ate 5 fewer pieces than Lestrade."

Hercule Poirot:
"I only ate one third the number that Jeremy ate."

Jeremy Cassel:
"I ate 4 more pieces than Lestrade."

George Lestrade:
"I ate twice as many as Poirot did."

The answers to choose are:

Right answer is: Three

Watson's Route

Sherlock Holmes
" Steven Jerram went on a trip to photograph different international locations. The trip took him through the U.S. and then to Japan.
The final flight of his trip was from Honolulu Airport in Hawaii to Narita Airport in Japan.
On the 70th day of his trip, he flew out of Hawaii at 10AM, and landed in Japan in the evening.
He flew out of London Heathrow Airpost on the first day of his trip, which was December 1st. When he finally reached Narita Airport in Japan, it was February.
So, what was th precise date of his arrival at Narita Airport?

The answers to choose are:
February 7th
February 8th
February 9th

Right answer is: February 9th!
(If you start at December 1st and count 70 days from there, it would be February 8th.
But something doesn't feel right. The flight would be from Honolulu Airport to Narita Airport in Japan?
...!! That's it! He'd cross the International Date Line on the way, so...) 

"I've got it! The answer is February 9th, isn't it?"


Jeremy Cassel:
"There are five bags, numbered 1 to 5, each containing 10 diamonds.
However, apparently one of the bags contains only fake diamonds, which weigh less than the real ones.
Each real diamond weighs 1 ounce, but each fake diamond is 0.1 ounces lighter than a real one.
Using a scale that has a weight limit of 20 ounces, you want to figure out which bag holds the fake diamonds.
What is the fewest number of times you would have to use the scale in order to do this?"

The answers to choose are:
1 time
5 times
10 times

Right answer is:1 time.

"You can figure out which bag has the fakes by using the scale 1 time."

John H Watson:
"1 time? Do you mean by putting all the bags on the scale together, but gradually adding them one-by-one?
Wait, no. Even if you did that, all of the bags together would end up weighing more than 20 ounces, which is the scale's limit. So I guess that wouldn't work."
 Jeremy Cassel:
"How could you tell hom much each bag weighs if you only use the scale 1 time?"

"Easy. Open each bag, and depending on what numer bag it is, take out that many diamonds. So you'd take out 1 diamond from bag1, 2 from bag 2, and so on...
You's end up with 15 diamaonds total. If there weren't any fakes, that should weigh 15 ounces. But each fake diamond is 0.1 ounce lighter than a real one, right?
If you put all 15 of these diamonds on the scale at once, you can see how much under 15 ounces it weighs, and that will tell you how many fakes are on the scale.
However many tenths of an ounce below 15 would tell you which bag held the fakes. For instance, if you're 0,4 ounces short, that would mean the fakes are in bag 4. Get it?"

Sherlock Holmes:
"There are three people, who we'll call A, B, and C.
One of these people is an angel, one of them is a demon, and one of them is human.
However, there's no way to tell which is which just by looking at them.
The angel always tells the truth, no matter what. The demon always lies, no matter what. And the human does what he feels like doing - sometimes he lies, and sometimes he tells the truth.
This is what the three of them say to you:

"I'm  not an angel."

"I'm not a demon."

"I'm not human."

Sherlock Holmes:
"So, who is the angel, who is the demon, and who is the human?"
The answers to choose are:
A is the demon, B is the angel, C is the human
A is the human, B is the demon, C is the angel
A is the human, B is the angel, C is the demon

Right answer is:
"I think A is the human, and B is the demon, right? and then C would be the angel."
Why? Because the demon always lies, so he has to say: "I'm not a demon.", which means he is B and thus A has to be the human and C the angel.
Sherlock Holmes:
 "I am investigating a theft, and I believe that it was perpetrated by a single individual. It had to be either Mr. K, Mr. M, or Mr. N.
However, these three have a set of rules they always follow when they are going to steal something, and which will not break because they believe it would be bad luck to do so.
- Whenever K is going to steal something, he always gets M to help him.
- If M isn't commiting a theft at a given moment, then N won't commit a theft either.
On the day in which the crime I'm investigating occurred, there were no other instances of theft.
Which one of these men is the perpetrator?"

The answers to choose are:
Mr. K
Mr. M
Mr. N

Right answer is: Mr. M

"Hehe, that's easy. The perpetrator is Mr. M.
K always gets M to help him, so he couldn't have done it, since the theft was committed by a single individual...
When M isn't committing a theft, N won't commit one either. But that doesn't mean that if M steals something, N will always so the same, does it?
So M is the only one who could have done it.

John H Watson:
"I see, It's easy to mistakenly think that M and N always do the same thing... either they don't steal anything, or they both steal something. But that's wrong...
N won't steal anything unless M is also stealing something that day. So I guess that means that M is the only one who could've commited that crime on his own."

Sherlock Holmes:
"A village with 40 eligible voters is going to have an election to decide who their mayor will be.
Three people are running in the election, all of whom dislike each other. All three of them are residents of the village.
In the election, the candidate who receives the most votes wins. Every eligible voter gets one vote each.
Assuming  that all of them vote, and all of their voters are counted properly with no errors, how many votes would a candidate have to receive to be assured of winning the election?"

The answers to choose are:

Right answer is: 20

Mikah Hudson: 
"Come on... that's easy. It's 20, right?"

Sherlock Holmes: 
"Correct. How did you arrive at your answer?"

Mikah Hudson: 
"Umm, first I figured out the number of voters once you subtracted the three candidates. 40 minus 3 is 37, right?
19 is just over half of 37. That's a bare majority. And if the candidates all dislike each other, then they're bound to vote for themselves, right?
So you add 1 to those 19 votes, which gives you 20!"


John H Watson:
"We received a note from the mystery thief informing us of his next crime.
'Tonight I am going to take a picture from the museum in London. I've chosen a single work... one of the paintings labelled 1 through 60... Choose any set of the following numbers and add them up. I promise you, the number you get won't be the number of the painting I'm going to take... 0, 1, 2, 4, 7, 15, 31... One last thing... choose any set of those numbers you like, but don't repeat the same number twice.'
So, which painting was our mysterious thief planning on stealing?"

The answers to choose are:
Number 15
Number 30
Number 60

Right answer is: 30
(It seems that in order to get the answer, all you can really do is go throug trying to add up to each number.)
(Um, I guess I can just go through the numbers that aren't already written down and see, if I can add up to those. 1+2=3, 1+4=5...)
(Out of number 1 through 60, the only one you can't arrive through additions is...)
" I know! The answer is 30, isn't it!"

John H Watson:

"That's absolutely right!"

Sherlock Holmes:
"There are two clocks, and the hands of each clock point to exactely 12:00.
Precisely one hour passes, at which point one of th clocks reads 1:01, while the other reads 12:59.
Assuming that these clocks continue to deviate from the actual time just like they did during that first hour... how many hours total will it take before they once again point to exactely the same time?

The answers to choose are:
360 hours
720 hours
They'll never point to the same time again.

Right answer is: 360 hours

(After 180 hours they'd point to 3:00 and 9:00, right? After that, the minute hand on both clocks will point to 0 every 60 hours, so... 180 + 60 more hours would put the clocks at 4:00 and 8:00. And 60 hours after that would put them at 5:00 and 7:00...)
"I've got it! The answer is 360 hours, isn't it!"

John H Watson:
"Ah, I get it. The two clocks don't have to both read 12:00, they just have to show the same time, don't they?"

"Right. After 360 hours, both of the clocks will point exactely at 6:00."

September 19, 2016

Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Main Page

“I didn’t realize this until you showed up, but when I sleep alone, my bed is EMPTY and COLD.”

You visit the office of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, wanting to request him something unique. There, you meet charming men with quite a colorful personality, together with whom you’ll get involved in various incidents.
Do you want Sherlock to be your bodyguard and live together with him and Watson in his office at 221B Baker Street? Or do you want to go on a trip with the mysterious millionaire Professor Moriarty and catch a thief? Can you escape the “elementary” crime? Experience thrills after thrills in modern London with classic characters transformed into irresistible hotties!
The British geniuses will eventually fall in love with you and whisper words of love, kissing you. Choose the path of your romance story with them, and the ending you’ll reach will be a moving one!
Solve the mystery of the case and love all in one story!

(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © NTT Solmare.)

Shall we date?:Guard me, Sherlock!+ on YouTube by Shall we date? - Dating sim games - NTT Solmare

My Rating:

Fun: ★★★★☆
Drama: ★★★☆☆
 Horror: ★★☆☆☆
Mature content: ★★☆☆☆
Love: ★★★★☆
Art quality: ★★★★☆


I know this game is a hot topic for all Sherlockians out there, but I consider myself as one of them as well, and I can't see any major letdowns here (except for the funny idea about "Mrs. Hudson"). On the contrary - I LOVE this game! Finally an otome game, where MC is so smart that she even can keep up with Sherlock Holmes & Professor Moriarty! And speaking of the riddles - those are clearly my favourit part of the game. It's kind of like playing Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright, only that you can fall in love with one of the guys.
So all in all, it's a game that get's not only your heart, but also your brain all worked up! ^^
You like this game and want to talk about it? Just click on the icon above. ^

Advice before you start playing:

  • Connect your game with your Facebook account. This allows you to play it on Facebook, saves your data and you can even switch from android to iOS this way.
  • DON'T waste your Token & Jewels on clothes. You'll get some once you complete a Story, when Solmare releases Spin offs or, of course, by doing the Checkpoint Mission (in this case you need to buy them in order to pass the Checkpoint).
  • Log in every day to receive Daily Bonus gifts.
  • You can spin the Token Slot for Free once a day!
  • You can exchange your ID code to find more friends.
  • Don't miss out on the Special Offer for Beginners. Valid only the first 5 days after you logged in to you game for the first time!
  • Do the Hide & Kiss as often as you can, to complete the Bingo Set. This raises your Sweetie Points (needed to pass Checkpoints) and Tokens. There are special Rewards for a completed Bingo-Set! 
  • 1 Story Ticket get restored all 4 hours.
  • Have you ever heard of the "Promotion Bonus"? When Solmare releases a new (+) game, and you install and play it, you'll get bonus gifts for it. You'll find more information about it, once the new game is released. 
  • Like "Shall we date" on Facebook to receive special gifts.



Spin offs

For Hardcore Fans:
If you encounter a problem:
- If you play on android, please send an e-mail to:
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page.
Dear User/Guest, if you have some time, please check out the Credits Page.
I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog.