November 29, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Love Tangle + Andrea Lee vs. Henrik Kaled

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: Until after you have finished Chapter 4, you get to choose options which can raise the Love Meter for either one of the guys. So to make it simple: Answer A might give you + Points for Andrea, where answer B gives you + Points for Henrik.
So, to be able to get the Happy Ending with the right guy, choose one right from the beginning and stick with his answers.)

Main Story

Chapter 1

1.07 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 10 Points

1.09 I can't choose. (+Henrik)
It's best to be loved by the person you love. (+Andrea)

Chapter 2

2.03 Don't push off his hand. (+Henrik)
Flash a troubled smile. (+Andrea)

2.06 Love Challenge

2.08 What are you proposing? (+Andrea)
I didn't consider that. (+Henrik)

Chapter 3

3.03 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 600 Points

3.03 Get in the car. (+Andrea)
Continue to hesitate. (+Henrik)

3.06 Love Challenge

3.07 That's none of your business. (+Henrik)
He's not my boyfriend. (+Andrea)

Chapter 4

4.02 Of course. (+Henrik)
It's not like we had plans … (+Andrea)

4.05 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 1,100 Points

4.08 Call for help. (+Andrea)
Stop Henrik. (+Henrik)

4.09 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 2,000 Points


(*Note: From here on out, you can either play the (+ Andrea) or the (+ Henrik) route, depending on which side you Love Meter is fuller. To read Henrik's Route, please scroll past Andrea's.)

Chapter 5

5.02 I refuse.
What're you suddenly saying? (+Andrea)

5.05 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 5,800 Points

5.08 You're too conceited.
I know we're just pretending to be a couple. (+Andrea)

Chapter 6

6.04 That's terrible! (+Andrea)
Oh yeah, Andrea's job is …

6.08 Love Challenge
Premium: Elegant Date Outfit - 210 Diamond's (get a CG)
Normal: Round Neck Sleeveless Dress Outfit - 60 Diamond's or 9,000 Kaled Cash

6.09 Close my eyes. (+Andrea)
Look down.

Chapter 7

7.04 But I caused a scandal …
I'll do my best! (+Andrea)

7.06 Special Scenario
Get CG

7.07 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 18,800 Points

7.08 I don't want to!
Why? (+Andrea)

Chapter 8

8.04 You don't have to apologize, but … (+Andrea)
Was everything you said a lie?

8.05 Love Challenge
 Premium: Sleeveless Dress - 420 Diamonds (get a CG)
Normal: Sexy V-Neck Dress - 120 Diamonds or 15,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending

(get 2 CG's)


Chapter 5

5.01 You can. (+Henrik)
Didn't you want to go to the library?

5.03 I can't pretend to be his fiancé. (+Henrik)
I wonder if he has a reason for this?

5.05 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 5,800 Points

Chapter 6

6.03 Love Challenge 

6.07 It's a private matter.
Who did you hear that from? (+Henrik)

Chapter 7

7.01 I'm in the middle of talking to Andrea.
… All right. (+Henrik)

7.02 Special Scenario
Get CG

7.08 Of course.
You can't do it now? (+Henrik)

Chapter 8

8.05 Want to see him. (+Henrik)
Don't want to see him.

8.06 Love Challenge 

8.09 Please don't let it get to you. (+Henrik)
It is over.


  1. The answer for 5.3 is wrong. It should be the other one.

    1. sorry, 5.3 on Henrik's. I forgot to specify.

  2. You're also missing the answer for 7.8 completely. It's "Of course." with the other option being "You can't do it now?" (or something along those lines)

    1. You are right! Thanks for telling me! Everything should be alright now.