25 May 2016

[Walkthrough] Kiss me on Clover Hill - Soichi Kiyota

(*Special Thanks to Princess Mew Mew for sending me all her Walkthroughs!)

Season of Love

Episode 1
Yes, it’s a great shot.
Oh, nothing…
Episode 2

Go after Soichi
Go back to my room

Episode 3
Go after Soichi
Leave him and look for my book

Episode 4
Why do you always drink coffee?
Can we walk home together?

Episode 5
I’ll pass for today.
Call after him
Episode 6

Sorry, I didn’t really watch.
I’d love to go!

Episode 7
Well, I’m interested in him…
Why are you being so horrible?

Episode 8
Are you drunk?
Why did you ask Aki that question?

Episode 9
Go home now
Open the door and peek

Episode 10
Just about the training trip.
Just stay calm.

Episode 11
I’ll stay quiet.
I’m not leaving!
Episode 12

Should I say something?
I know you respect your grandfather.

Episode 13
I’ll wake him up.
Hold him

Episode 14
Follow him
Jump in and break it up

Happy Ending

Season of Luck

Episode 1
Stay quiet
Be positive about it

Episode 2
Move apart in a fluster
I’m not nervous.

Episode 3
Vegetable section
Did you get an assignment?

Episode 4
I’m keeping an eye on him!
Let him rest

Happy Ending

Epilogue 1
Give Soichi the cat toy
Get angry

Epilogue 2
Use the cat toy

Happy Ending

Season of Hope

Episode 1
Call out to him
Tell him you’re not hungry

Episode 2
Relax with Soichi
Want to hear it.
Happy Ending

Season of Faith

Episode 1
I made a mistake at work.
Don’t answer back

Episode 2
Hug Soichi
Stop him drinking

Episode 3
Good luck. I support you!
Go with Sho

Episode 4
Go into the kitchenette
I want to marry him.

Episode 5
Push him out
Stand there saying nothing

Episode 6
Tell her
The roof

Episode 7
Go into the living room
Order a soft drink

Episode 8
No, it’s not your fault.
Shunya Suda

Episode 9
Cut it into diagonal slices
Look at the blueprints

Happy Ending

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  1. I followed this walk through and only got the good ending, not the happy one. Not sure which one wasn't right but this isn't the happy ending.